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      Dear twinDOOR Customer,
      Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in us by purchasing twinDOOR products.twinDOOR products are designed and manufactured meeting the highest quality standards and leave our factory only after thorough quality testing.
      Should you nevertheless have grounds for complaint,please contact your twinDOOR distributor.

      To enable your claim under this warranty to be processed without delay,please provide following details:
      1.Your Name,Address,Phone Number
      2.Original Invoice with date of purchase
      3.Product Type and Product number
      4.Description of Defect

      Warranty Conditions
      1.Warranty Period
      From the date of the original purchase contract with twinDOOR,the purchaser receives a 5-year warranty on the safe functioning of the twinDOOR product.
      From the date of purchase,the purchaser receives a 2 1/2 year warranty on mechanical and electrical parts of the twinDOOR products used under normal conditions width max.10 cycles per day for electrical operated doors(one cycle=opening + closing).

      The warranty claim only applies in the country in which the twinDOOR products was purchased.The product must have been purchased through our authorized distribution channels.A claim under this warranty exists only for damage to the object of the contract itself.
      Purchase Contact with date substantiate your right to claim under the warranty.

      For the term of the warranty,we shall rectify all defects of the twinDOOR products that can be demonstrably attributed to material or manufacturing defects.We shall replace the defective goods with defect-free goods at no charge,rectify the defects or compensate for loss.
      In value according to our choice.We do not cover costs for disassembly and fitting or shipping costs.Replaced parts become our property.

      Excluded is damage by/to:
      ?  Improper fitting,failure to arrange for cleaning and care
      ?  Improper initial start-up and operation
      ?  Negligent or intentional destruction
      ?  External influences such as fire,water,salts,alkali,acids,extreme effects of the environment
      ?  Mechanical damage caused by improper transport and fitting
      ?  Priming and other surface protection
      ?  Improper coating or coating applied too late
      ?  Repairs conducted by unqualified personnel
      ?  Use of non-original parts without approval from the manufacturer
      ?  Removal or defacing of the product number
      ?  Batteries,light bulbs or other normal results or tear and wear

      What's the difference between the quality of your door and the similar products of other companies?

      • twinDOOR was founded and founded by the Doering family in Germany in Europe, and has a production history of more than 60 years. The Doering family has more than 700 patents and is widely used in garage doors of more than 2 million people in Europe. The Doering family has been devoted to the research and development of new doors. In view of the outstanding contribution of the Doering family in the door industry, the German Inventors Association awarded the special honorary award "Rudolf Diesel" to affirm the achievements of the Twitter Shield.

        twinDOOR products sold in Europe after rigorous testing, obtained "CE" certification, is trustworthy.

      • Address
        145 Songshan Road, Huqiu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

      • Customer Service
        400 8850 522

      • Sale
        0512-6813 0151

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