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      Brunex flush sound proof door

      Time 2020-06-01 Keywords:Twindoor Views:667

            Brunex flat opening acoustic wooden door is made of natural materials. It is close to, loves and follows the laws of nature.
            Since 2004, Brunex has become one of the first enterprises in the industry to use FSC certified wood. Today, almost all the wood available for purchase is FSC quality - and with the help of "pur", it provides a complete product solution for sustainable construction projects.
            The door leaf structure with high-tech content and sound insulation performance can truly achieve noise isolation, simple and modern decoration design with better matching, truly more environmentally friendly materials, zero formaldehyde emission; the sound insulation performance parameters can reach RW = 27db ~ 46db, the insulation performance parameters UD = 1.2 ~ 2.2 & nbsp; w / (㎡ K), and the optional fire performance is 30min (refer to the standard EN ISO 10140-1).
            Whether it's interior door or door, door panel or door system, wood door frame or steel door frame, or various door product surfaces: Brunex door solutions are simple and bright in vision and function, and can be applied in different projects and fields.
            In addition to meeting all relevant standards, it also provides designers / architects with more design freedom, a wide range of products, and provides retailers and construction parties with personalized, functional and reliable solutions for all requirements.
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