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      Time 2019-11-22 Keywords:特威盾 Views:1231

      A new project at Epicenter shopping centre is under construction at Epicenter headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine.

      To entertain VIP clients, Epicenter decided to set up a private lounge.

      In which, Libart RRG systems and Panorama GUG-W3 systems have been applied.

      Four sets of LIBART Panorama GUG-W3 systems are with a height of 3.7 meters and a width of 5.8 meters,

      They are the largest vertical lift glass systems known to the moment.

      SolaGlide RRG - 75% length of the system is 14.8 meters, and spans 4.5 meters,

      providing clients with a unique dining experience both indoors and outdoors

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