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      ABOUT US

      twinDOOR was founded and founded by the Doering family in Germany in Europe, and has a production history of more than 60 years. The Doering family has more than 700 patents and is widely used in garage doors of more than 2 million people in Europe. The Doering family has been devoted to the research and development of new doors. In view of the outstanding contribution of the Doering family in the door industry, the German Inventors Association awarded the special honorary award "Rudolf Diesel" to affirm the achievements of the Twitter Shield.

      twinDOOR products sold in Europe after rigorous testing, obtained "CE" certification, is trustworthy.

      German twinDOOR (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was registered in Suzhou New Area in 2000 with a registered capital of US$4 million. The products sold by Twitter Shield are ahead of those of similar manufacturers in terms of technology, quality and safety.

      The development of Twitter's enterprise has convinced customers that TwitnDOOR's Twitter is totally trustworthy.

      Eleven years have witnessed our transformation from magnificence to maturity

      The development of Twitter's enterprise convinces customers that TwitnDOOR's Twitter is totally trustworthy

      • 1946

        Dr. h.c. Erich D?ring started the family business in Germany, near Munich
      • 1963

        gained DIESEL-award of Germany outstanding innovations
      • 1964

        automation reached an output of 1 garage door every 1.5 minutes
      • 1967

        the world’s first automated riveting machine has been developed and used in the mass-production of garage doors
      • 1968

        the automatic production-line for garage doors has been further pushed towards high efficiency and high precision
      • 1976

        established company for production and sale in Austria
      • 1984

        Dr.h.c.E. D?ring took the strategic decision to extend the business to China
      • 1993

        The son Viturin D?ring starts to play an active role in the management of the German production line and sales
      • 2000

        A new family-business unit “twinDOOR (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.” established in China, near Shanghai by Viturin D?ring, one son of Dr. h.c. Erich D?ring
      • 2007

        Supplied the Garage Doors to The Palm Jumeirah Project in DUBAI
      • 2017

        Introduced the Swiss high-quality products BRUNEX and VITROCSA to the Chinese market
      • 2019

        Introduce LIBART mobile building system, a new imported product.
      • 2020

        Newly Launched OVERLAP Garage Doors with copper sheet surface
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